Thursday, 30 September 2010

sites de busca de empregos

ola amigos, encontrei uma materia interessante num blog sobre busca de empregos. espero que seja de alguma serventia para vcs.


100 Plus Places to Find Jobs

Despite the current recession, there are plenty of companies in a variety of fields in search of qualified employees. Here are more than 100 job sites, resume reviews, networking and more.

Whether you're in the world of technology, Either you are in the United States or abroad, these sites will help you start a game of modern working days.

What sites and tools that are more valuable in their search for past or current job? Let us know in the comments!

Blogging & Writing Jobs – Offers helpful tips about being a freelance writer as well as posts summaries of the latest writing jobs. – Has both open jobs from established sites and the ability for people to post “For Hire” listings. – Mixes listings for freelance jobs for both the Web and print with tips on improving your writing. – Darren Rowse’s Problogger has a jobs board filled with quality, paid blogging positions available from around the Web. – Offers listings for all sorts of journalism jobs from blogging to television. – A weekly online e-zine that has numerous job listings for regular jobs as one-off projects.

College Undergrads and Graduates – Alumwire is free to alumni and will help with job searching, recruiting, career enhancement, and more features such as a resume database. – Perfect for college students, this site offers job listings for summer and seasonal jobs at national parks and resorts. – Provides internship listings for students at certain schools and has job listings you can search by country or occupation for the tech community.

Domestic Assistance – is just what it sounds like, a place for parents to find babysitters.  You can list your services, be reviewed by them, and then start booking jobs.  Has been featured on Good Morning America and in Oprah Magazine as a good way to earn extra money. – does background checks and assists people with finding babysitters, nannies, elderly care givers, tutors, house sitters and more. – The site helps you sign up as a mover, cleaner, lawn & garden helper or day laborer, then lets you post your availability and get hired by people in your area. – Site built specifically for matching nannies, au pairs, babysitters and more with families looking for help.

Educational – A site exclusively for in-home tutoring as opposed to online. – Site for instructors of specialties like music and many varied sports.  Helps you automatically book appointments and let people see when you have open slots in your calendar. – Allows you to list your tutoring abilities for any sort of subject from basic math to computer networking. – Site looks for more than just tutoring, but also assessments, evaluation, and mentoring. – Company providing lessons for all kinds of musical instruments and singing, looking for instructors in over 400 cities. – Site for teachers of all kinds of lessons from schoolwork to sports, music and more. -Allows parents to easily search for tutors around their area and compare them against one another, which makes it essential for the tutors to be competitive. – Site will help you with training and certification and then you can start taking on students. -A nationwide search enabling students and tutors to connect. – Site for helping tutors to find students from anywhere in the world while providing online classrooms for you to use.

Technical and Design Jobs – A job board from the well known 37signals that features listings for programmers, designers, executives and even iPhone app developers. – Companies looking for all kinds of designers, from full-time to freelance. – Site offering part-time, freelance, and contract job offerings for creative types in Web fields. – CoNotes specializes in jobs at InternetInternet startups. – Designers can sign up to host portfolios of their work as well as browse job listings. – Allows you to search based on job title, skills or location for tech industry related jobs. – Specific to jobs in and around Silicon Valley for the tech set. -Elance features jobs from all different divisions of Web operations from design up to administration.
FreshWebJobs – Full-time and freelance web developer jobs. – Locate freelance jobs in just about every web technical field. – An Aggregator of startup listings from various sites around the Web. You can read a lengthier review of HotStartupJobs here on Mashable. – A job site for designers, administrators, and more. Jobs are clearly marked as full-time or freelance for easy browsing. – The jobs here focus primarily on design, but there are also some technical ones as well.
Jobpile – Aggregates jobs from numerous tech focused boards to let you search them all at once. – Color coded results show you which are jobs and which are gigs for design and development, features customized RSS feeds. – Helps the creative and technology communities with job listings throughout the US. – Allows you to build a profile to help you promote yourself and then you can bid on the tech jobs that get posted.
Mashable Jobs – Yes, our very own jobs board featuring social media, technical, and web-related jobs. – Aggregates web jobs from various sources to ease your browsing. – You can add multiple jobs to your “bucket” and apply to all of your saved ones. Focused primarily on California tech related jobs. – Offers numerous job listings as well as interviews with hundreds of people at startups telling you what their company is about, and what they look for in an employee. – Thousands of freelance jobs that are either hourly rate or fixed price in all sorts of technical fields from simple data entry to VoIP development. – Tries to match you with the “right” IT job by language processing instead of keywords. Also turns your resume into a live document so it can be indexed by search engines. – Focuses on coding jobs with a heavy concentration it seems on jobs in Canada. – Tech jobs browsable by full-time, part-time, freelance, or just do a search for the ones that interest you. – A free service where you can set up a profile about yourself and try to find the company that best matches you. – Allows you to search for startup jobs by occupation or job type. – Browse by job type at Web 2.0 and startup companies. – Not only does it allow you to search jobs by occupation and location, you can also see what stage of funding they are in. – Focuses on full-time and freelance positions for design, copywriting, marketing and more.

General Job Sites – Provides you with the ability to add your resume, use their resume builder, receive emails about new jobs, or just do a regular search through their current listings. – Besides offering job search tools, they also offer services such as a career test, ways to distribute your resume, career advice and more. – Quickly becoming the world’s classified section, the well-known CraigslistCraigslist allows you to select your city and search for jobs in your area. – A no nonsense job site that allows you to first pick your industry and then go down to the state you are looking to work in. – Offers tools such as resume building and a career test in addition to job searches. – Search for jobs, post video resumes and fill out one application that can be submitted to multiple companies. – Focuses on employment, training and opportunities in a handful of states in the USA, but is adding more. – Allows you to tell them about yourself in a mini-interview and then they offer up the jobs they think you are best suited for. – Enter your zip code and you will be directed to local job sites in your general vicinity. – Besides providing job searches by state and category, Job Search Easy also provides tools such as resume critiques, salary calculator, career test and more. – A general job site with listings in all of the major categories.  Allows you to post your resume and promote yourself. – Classified ads for all the major cities in the United States with sections dedicated to employment. – Probably the best known of the career sites, Monster allows you to search for jobs, post your resume, sign up for job fairs and more. – Fill in a profile and within minutes you will start seeing jobs that you are best suited for.
Yahoo HotJobs – Yahoo’s job site allows you to browse by category, location, the top 100 companies and more. – All jobs are reviewed for quality and then placed into groups for easier browsing.

Job Listing Aggregators – Aggregates job listings from several sites and then allows you to browse and search by category, location, industry and more. – Aggregates job listings from company job boards. Many of the listings never make it to standard job sites.
Indeed – Searches numerous job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages to provide nearly a million job listings in one location. – Allows you to post your resume, search numerous listings and set up job alerts to be delivered to your email. – As opposed to other job aggregating sites, LinkUp monitors the job pages of company websites and gets their listings directly from the sources. – Search millions of jobs by keywords or location, or for the brave you can just browse by industry. – Job search engine that aggregates job listings from numerous sources all in one search.

International – A UK based site that aids you in locating the best employment agency for your chosen work sector. – A UK-based job aggregator that gathers jobs from recruitment agencies, job boards and employers. Allows you to search based on location, upload your resume and more. – A site focusing on technical jobs all throughout Asia. – A worldwide classifieds site that allows you to look for part-time and full-time work in various industries. – A Canadian job site that attempts to index all of the job listings in the country. – Fuse Jobs focuses on entry level jobs in and around London, England. – A social network with the goal of connecting students and young professionals with employers around the globe for jobs and internships. – A site for job listings in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. -A UK based job site aggregates ads from around the web. – Provides job searching for Canada, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. – Professional networking site for Canada. – Allows you to search for millions of jobs in places like AustraliaAustralia, Hong Kong, India and more. – Aggregates job listings from job boards, employers and agencies all across the UK. – Billed as Canada’s biggest job site, Workopolis has job listings for everything from entry level to full-time positions. – A job site based in the UK that lets you look for jobs, and if you find one a friend may be a good fit for, you can earn money for referring them.

General Tools – Allows you to research companies, jobs, salaries, connect to recruiters anonymously and more. – A job site that is unique in that it also allows employers and potential hires to conduct interviews via web conference. – Allows you to not only upload your resume, but also answer questions with audio, video or text. – Helps you practice for interviews as well as aids you in preparing a physical presentation about yourself. – JibberJobber assists you in managing your job search or in your already existing career. – With the number of job boards out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. JobBoardReviews helps you figure out which boards are best suited to your needs.
LinkedIn.comLinkedInLinkedIn brings the “networking” back to social networking in the truest sense.  Find your current and past co-workers, get them to recommend you, put up your resume and a whole lot more. – A site for Australians to compare their salaries amongst Australian employers. – Software for individuals and companies alike to figure out fair salaries. – A tool for figuring out how much your salary is worth by plugging in data about yourself. – Allows you to easily see if the salary you are being offered is as good as you think it is. – Has all the tools you need for a successful job hunt. Get a calendar, to-do list, resume & cover letter wizard and more.

Resume Tools – Allows you to build an online version of your resume and host it on a Web page to share with potential employers. – Create your resume online from their system and also store it online with them for free.
hResume Creator – A simple form to help you create an online resume in the hResume Microformat. – Allows you to create an online portfolio and resume that you can share with potential employers. – Allows you to upload your resume, black out your contact info, and get feedback from other members on how to improve your document. – A free service for building a secure online resume that lets you share different versions with employees, coworkers, friends and so on.  You can include video, samples of your best work and so on.

Miscellaneous – A job listing site directed squarely at women who want to be known for more than just being mothers. – Allows lawyers to sign up and then potential clients can locate attorneys in their area to fit their needs. – A site that screens work-at-home and telecommuting jobs so you are only looking at legitimate offers. – Job site focused on bilingual and Hispanic hires. – A social network for unemployed persons to share resources, register for job fairs and more. – You can create a profile about yourself as well as upload your resume. If you accept a job through their site, you will receive a cash back bonus. – Are you fluent in more than one language? Feel the urge to translate random text on a quick turn-around? This may be the job for you. – Find freelance work as a language translator if you speak multiple languages. – A mixture of social networking and jobs board that allows you to list what skills you have, or what skills you are looking for, and connect for jobs and professional networking. – Job site specifically for creative types such as artists, actors, comedians, dancers, musicians and many more. – Allows you to upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile, get a rating, and then they unlock potential employers you are suited for. – A tool for people to post jobs they know of in a simplified format to be posted on TwitterTwitter. All of them are collected on this site for easy browsing by people who are job hunting. – Site for posting job leads so that people can apply for the job you just left or even post that you can give people advice for getting hired at your company. – Professional networking mixed with the ability to also search for jobs and possible employees. – A site focused on women who are in career transition. Allows you to search for jobs and also provides forums for you to discuss being a woman in the business world.
Bonne Chance! Paola

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

O dentinho dela caiu ...

Ola amigos!
Pois e ... "o tempo passa, o tempo voa ..." e o primeiro dentinho da Vitoria caiu. dia 20.09.10 fomos busca-la na escolinha e ela estava la, que nao se contia de felicidade com o dentinho na mao. Na noite anterior ele estava muit bambo mesmo. Ate pensei que ela fosse engolir durante o sono ... ela quase nao conseguira adormecer de tanta emocao. No cafe da manha na escola ... uma torrada terminou o trabalho. Depois que as buscamos na escola fomos a um parque de diversoes e no caminho o dentinho caiu da mao dela dentro do carro. tadinha ... ficou tao preocupada de nao ter nada para colocar na sua bolsinha e como consequencia na ganahar nada da fadinha do dentinho ... mas encontramos o dito cujo e a fadinha veio e deixou uma moedinha ... final feliz. agora tem outro do lado que esta bem molinho tb. inclusive, Louise quase que o arrancou esta noite com suas delicadas caricias. sangrou um pouquinho, mas dei um copo com agua bem gelada (uns 10 cubos de gelo dentro) e logo logo tudo voltou ao normal e pudemos seguir com o livro de historinha infantil que liamos ... vamos ver quando ele caira.
aqui vao umas fotos do novo visual banguela.
ah! outro dia ela achou uma foto antiga ... vi que tinha franjinha ... e resolveu que queria franjinha de novo. eu com meus dotes peguei a tesoura e maos a obra. Primeiro a Vitoria, depois a Gabriela. detalhe, nota-se que a Vitoria foi a cobaia pois ficou muito curto e nao muito reto. ja na vez da Gabi eu ja tinha pratica ... ainda bem que e so cabelo e que cresce logo. ainda bem que ela gostou e nem reparou que saiu um pouco torto!
alem disso cortei tb o comprimento: Vitoria 5 cm. e Gabriela 20 cm. Foi a primeira vez que cortei o cabelo da Gabi no comprimento ... 

Bonne Chance! Paola

Friday, 24 September 2010

Promessa a gente cumpre

queridos, como prometi setou aqui para cumprir. mas sera por partes pois estou muito cansada ultimamente (mais que o de costume).
entao, como nao e nenhum segredo Deus operou pequenos milagres nas nossas vidas neste fim de agosto:
a vitoria, eventualmente, nao foi para a primeira serie! "por acaso" eu conversei com a mae de uma menina que tb e novinha e teria que passar para a primeira serie para perguntar se a filha dela iria pra escola. e ela me contou sobre um projeto de uma escola nova que abrira setembro 2011 - escola antroposofica. e durante este ano letivo que comecou agora em setembro 2010 teria mais um ano de pre-escola. um detalhe e que todas as criancas que estao na sala da vitoria ja deveriam estar na primeira serie da educacao municipal e todas completarao 6 anos entre fim de outubro e comeco de dezembro. ou seja, sao pais que como nos, procuraram uma alternativa a matricular seus filhos ainda muito pequenos na primeira serie. a turma tem 6 criancas e vitoria esta "florescendo" como se diz aqui em hebraico. em todos os 4 e poucos anos de vida "escolar" sempre dizia que nao tinha amigos. era uma reclamacao constante. agora como um passe de magica, ja no primeiro dia ela voltou pra casa contando sobre duas amiguinhas, no segundo dia ja tinha mais uma, e agora ela vive "alugando" a gente pois quer ir na casa das amiguinhas e e as amiguinhas aqui em casa ... estamos todos muito felizes! ela me explicou que como eles sao poucas criancas na sala agora ela tem tempo de conhecer os amiguinhos e eles tem tempo de conhece-la. e que quando a gente conhece uma pessoa e mais facil ser amigo dela. mas nao e so a questao da idade nao ... na outra escolinha era um decoreba horrivel de frases de fundadores do Estado de Israel (eu odiava, pois minha filha pode pensar e nao e um mero papagaio), a forma com que a educacao e fundamentada tb nos deixou muito felizes Seguindo os princípios dos Setênios, o foco está no brincar imitativo e na imaginação para que se desenvolva o pensamento crítico, preparando-as para o segmento escolar. A criança é tratada com individualidade sendo respeitado o desenvolvimento de seu talento e capacidade. Os professores trabalham com o intuito de criar na escola um ambiente harmônico incentivando a criatividade, e para que isso ocorra, as atividades propostas são: cuidar do jardim, criar brinquedos, fazer pão para a merenda, brincadeiras livres com materiais naturais, tais como: lã, tecidos diversos, pedras, conchas e etc. e claro, uma coisa muito importante para nos, que tentamos manter uma alimentacao mais natureba, a filosofia de waldorf tb prega a harmonia com a Terra e com a terra. por isso a alimentacao e muito saudavel. nao tem acucar na escola, tem um mel de tamaras (que e permitido aos diabeticos por ex.), e mel de abelhas. muitas frutas, muitas saladas e legumes cozidos, leguminosas, tudo integral; arroz, macarrao, cereais, etc. as criancas participam da preparacao das refeicoes. as vezes quando chegamos atrasados tenho o prazer de ver criancas cortando repolho e colocando parte dele na salada (a outra parte vai direto pra boca). eles assam seus proprios paes e biscoitos. agora, quando chegamos la pra conhecer a escola, descobrimos que na pre-escola tinha vaga ... e e claro, a gabriela tb saiu da escolinha dela e foi para a antroposofica. para ela a adaptacao foi mais lenta. ela tem 3 anos e 4 meses ... no primeiro dia chorou e busquei mais cedo. no segundo, meu marido levou as chaves (os 2 molhos) do carro e nao podiamos sair de casa (aqui nao tem onibus ...). no terceiro foi tranquilo, no 4 chorou e a partir do 5 e como se ela sempre tivesse estudado la.
outra boa noticia, fresquinha, e que finalmente conseguimos convencer minha sogra - aposentada - a ficar com a louise. agora em outubro ela deveria entrar na creche, eu eu retornaria ao meu trabalho. mas gracas a deus, a danielle aceitou tomar conta dela. sao so 4 dias por semana ... sei que ela ja nao e tao jovem, e por isso fico ainda mais grata a ela. 
bom e isso. estamos muito contentes com a nova mudanca de filosofia educacional. Agradeco a Deus por ter aberto essas novas portas nas nossas vidas.

Beijos a todos vcs!
fiquem com Deus!
e em breve escrevo sobre os outros temas; niver e trabalho.


Bonne Chance! Paola

Friday, 10 September 2010

Receita de biscoitos

bom, quem me conhece sabe que sou muito estilo natureba: tudo integral, quinua, nada de fast food, etc. Alem disso, aqui em casa nao comemos tb leite e derivados - pois fica todo mundo muito catarrado (excuse my french). trigo tb nao consumimos, pois gabriela (a do meio) fica realmente com uma torneirinha de catarro verde aberta no nariz quando ela ingere muito trigo. entao eu uso outros cereais que contem um teor bem mais baixo de gluten, como aveia por ex., ou quando encontro por aqui uso tapioca que e gluten-free. mas nao pensem que isso faz com nossa comidinha seja sem graca nao ... muito pelo contrario - fica uma delicia! esta tarde estava assando uns biscoitinhos de aveia e canela que meu marido tanto gosta e pensei em dividir a receita com vcs. muitos de vcs estao agora com as filhos na escola, no jardim de infancia ... e preparam o lanchinho da criancada. nada melhor que deliciosos biscoitos integrais para adocar o dia das garotada, pois alem gostosos e nutritivos eles tb evitam a repentina "queda de energia" que ocorre quando comemos algo doce e o acucar no sangue sobe e de supetao cai. alimentos integrais nao causam este efeito, e contem muitas vitaminas e sais minerais.

olhem as fotos dos biscoitinhos que acabei de tirar do forno ... da pra sentir como ainda estao quentinhos?! 
{nao sou boa fotografa, entao vai uma com flash e outra sem flash)

 bom, chega de papo furado e vamos a receita:

300 gr. de manteiga/margarina
1 copo de acucar mascavo(brown sugar)/branco
0.5 copo de agua
1 colher de cha de essencia de baunilha (opcional)
3-4 ovos
1 colher de cha de sal (rasa)
2 copo de trigo integral (eu uso whole rye flour - integral, como o nome ja diz)
6 copos de aveia (mais ou menos 500 gr.)
1 copo de nozes picadas (opcional)
1 copo de uva-passas (opcional)

modo de preparo:
misture a manteiga, o acucar, a agua e os ovos e mexa bem. aqui eu adiciono por conta propria 2 colheres de cha de canela em po. depois misture a farinha de trigo/rye e misture mais. junte os outros ingredientes e amasse nas maos. faca bolinhas achatadas e asse sobre papel manteiga por 15 min. ou ate dourar a uma temperatura de 180 graus C.
rendimento: 50 unidades

a receita original nao tem canela nem uva-passas, mas fica uma delicia. outro dia fiz tambem com "chocolate chips" de chocolate amargo 60% de cacau (que e o que consumimos em casa) e ficou otimo tb. neste caso eu adicionei a essencia de baunilha. 
e isso ai, espero que vcs gostem! estes biscoitinhos tem a cara de outono (e inverno), entao maos a obra!
bom apetite!!
beijos, paola
Bonne Chance! Paola

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Eu nao sou daqui

Ola amigos,
sei que estou devendo um post, mas nao e ele ainda nao ...
so queria dividir com vcs minha indignacao quanto a "cultura" local.
ha muitos aspectos aqui em israel com os quais eu nao indentifico. mas ha cosias que realmente ficam engasgadas ... esta semana alguns fatos me fizeram pensar: "que bom que estou indo embora daqui ...!"
1. no mesmo dia vi 2 pessoas encurtando o caminho na rotatoria, sim na rotatoria. custa dar uma voltinha e nao ir na contra-mao?
2. um carinha bateu na traseira da mulher (que tinha parado no sinal vermelho), saiu do carro, xingou a mulher e a mae dela de tudo quanto e nome, e gritava com ela o tempo todo: _"vc e uma estupida, quem te disse pra vc parar no sinal vermelho? seu marido nao te ensinou pensar?"
3. no corredor de espera da aula de bale das meninas, 2 mulheres (maes de outras criancas) sentadas com os pes na poltrona nova, de sapato (pareciam duas adolescentes) e futucando o nariz (as duas!) e qq pessoa que tentasse ter uma ocnversa elas tinham que dar seu palpite sobre o assunto.

enfim, ate tiveram outros casos "interessantes" mas eu nao lembro mais.

beijos a todos!!

Bonne Chance! Paola

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Estou sumida, eu sei. E nao e por falta de novidades ... tenho muito o que contar mas nao sera neste post. Minha cabeca anda a mil e o coracao tb. Tenho que organizar minhas ideias, superar a correnteza de novas emocoes e novos cenarios e entao arrumar tempo para sentar e escrever.  As novidades sao sobre a pre-escola das meninas, sobre minha vida profissional, sobre o ano letivo que comecou agora 01.09.2010, meu aniversario, sobre estudos, e por ai vai. Ate o momento nao tenho novidades sobre o processo ... mas quem sabe quando voltar aqui ja terei (tomara Deus) novidades para contar?!

Bom, pra nao deixar passar em branco, aqui vao umas fotos das minhas princesas nas ferias de verao ...

Bonne Chance! Paola